Notes from the public meeting held at Acton Parish Hall on Tuesday 4th October 2016.

A total of 20 people attended the meeting with all 3 parishes being represented.

Chairman of Acton Edleston and Henhull Parish Council, Mike Houlston opened the meeting and thanked everyone for attending. He commenced with an explanation of what was a Neighbourhood Plan and how we as a community would hope to use it to shape the future development and growth of our local area.

Mike told the meeting the commitments to development which already had approval and the various requirements related to them. An email from a consultant working for the Dorfold Estate was read out. This set out in broad terms the aspirations of the estate. The meeting was asked if anybody else wished to put forward development proposals.

People were then invited to comment on their fears and aspirations for the future of the parishes which would go to reinforce the results achieved from the consultation process  initiated via a questionnaire which was distributed earlier this year.

A number of concerns were raised and are listed below:

  • What impact would development have on local roads and infrastructure and will there be any improvements planned?
  • What if anything is planned for the junction of Chester Road and Monks Lane?
  • Are any road improvements planned for the centre of the village, eg Wilbraham Road?
  • How is the increased traffic flow form Acton through to Nantwich town centre going to be like and what plans are there to ease the considerable congestion currently caused?
  • Now that the Kingsley Fields development looks nearer to starting when will Cheshire East get the Section 106 funds to help towards traffic management through the village?
  • Will the money be given directly to the Parish Council?
  • Who willl make sure that the work is undertaken?
  • What improvements are there planned for the Windmill junction and Burford Traffic lights?
  • Dorfold Estate is planning an application for housing off Monks Lane how many houses are proposed?
  • Exactly where is the development proposed?
  • Where are the land options and are there any alternatives?
  • Will this affect the current use of the village car park?
  • Will there be any contribution from developers towards improvement and maintenance of the car park?
  • If this development gets permission what is going to happen if other land owners submit similar proposals?
  • Would the Parish Council ever be in a position to purchase land in order to stop any future unwanted development?
  • Have Dorfold already consulted with Cheshire East regarding this proposed development?
  • Are the Parishes going to get a new school and if so where will it be and at what point will it begin?


Mike was able to answer some of the concerns but many still await the outcome of planning applications and the development of our Neighbourhood Plan.

The concluding item was an explanation of the next stages towards the submission of the Neighbourhood Plan. The draft neighbourhood plan document will available for a second community consultation prior to  submission to Cheshire East for examination.